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10 things I learned from my baby

10 things I learned from my baby

When I became a mom, I feel like my entire being changed. Suddenly I had this bigger purpose and responsibility to be very best version of myself. I feel like kids are put into our lives for many reasons, obviously love (because we all know its a type of love you can’t explain), but I can’t help to think in the first 12 months my baby taught me more about life than I could have possibly learned in 30 years. Either that… or his beautiful, innocent little soul has made me more hyper-aware, more empathetic and has truly led me to the deepest of self reflections.

Every month, starting on the day Dominik was born, I wrote down his milestones just like most mamas. But I also wrote down one thing that he has taught me.

10 things I learned from my baby

10 things that I learned from my Baby in one year

Human Touch is Crucial to life. 

A simple touch (hug, cuddle, etc) is crucial for your well being. In the book The Happiest Baby on the Block, the author talks about studies done in third world countries where babies are fed and given water but without human touch they die. Imagine being this tiny little human who knows nothing but a cozy tight space that is warm, 24/7 access to food, 24/7 sound of their mommy’s voice, soothing muffled sounds, rocking from mommy’s walking and then being ripped away into this big outside, cold world…Dominik taught me that cuddling is crucial and it’s okay to hold your baby 24/7, because one day that baby will not be a baby who wants to be held any longer.

Simple things bring Joy. 

Gas bubbles bring newborns unintentional smiles, how simple right? Making funny noises with your lips, coughing loud, clapping your hands, counting your toes…simple.

Smile Often

Do I need to say more?

10 things I learned from my baby
Seize the Day 

Early Mornings. Before baby, I had to set an alarm clock. Although it took me many months to accept my 6 AM mornings, I am grateful for the day ahead. Mornings are your child’s PRIME time, happy, playful and full of energy - SEIZE that moment.

Sleep is Crucial

Taking Care of Babies taught us how important sleep is for babies. We spend so much time on trying to learn how to get our children to sleep in the first year; its no lie that it is probably one of the hardest part of new parenting.

Fall and get back up

Babies are persistent; they don’t know failure, they don’t know how to give up, they just know what is ahead and they set their little minds to that. Imagine our world if adults thought this way.

Out of sight out of mind

I wrote this one down before Dominik went through the developmental leap of object prominence. But even now as a toddler - all it takes is a little bit of distraction. I look at it like this: If something negative is eating at you, distract yourself with something good and your mood will instantly lift.

Never stop learning

Babies are born to learn. They want to learn. They are so incredibly smart. They are curious. I’ve learned to sit back and watch Dominik play and when I get the urge to show him how to do something with a toy I don’t let myself… and guess what- every single time, he figures it out all on his own.

10 things I learned from my baby
Dance like no-one is watching

“Put your hands in the air, like you just don’t care!” I sing and dance with my baby every single day. He puts his hands in the air, he shakes his butt and he claps to a good tune.

Emotions are contagious 

When I read the book “I’ll Love you Forever” I tear up; it never fails, every single time - Dominik looks me in the eyes and he cries, then he cuddles into me. My emotions are contagious. I am learning and working hard EVERY SINGLE day to watch my stress and anxiety around him. Babies feel it so deeply.

10 things I learned from my baby
10 things I learned from my Baby
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