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17 Toddler Airplane Activities & Travel Tips

17 Toddler Airplane Activities & Travel Tips

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We are heading on our very first family (of 3) vacation and that means we have to bring a toddler on an airplane (insert sweating face emoji here). As we prepare for the trip, so many things come to mind and the first thing on my list is Toddler Airplane activities & snacks. So of course, I reached out to my trusty Instagram mom-clan and hundreds of you came through with so many great tips. I’ve compiled all of them here; what’s amazing about these - they come from MANY, regular old moms who have been there, done that!

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Generic Calculator

Photo album with family photos

Magnetic Drawing Board

Scarf to play peekaboo

Sticky notes

Finger Puppets

Mess Free Coloring Book

Sticker Book

Window cling (use on window or TV screen)

Felt books

Buckle Toy

Toy Cars

Dry Erase Marker (to color on window or TV screen)

White Board


Water Wow Books

Duct Tape (put it on the table thing ad have him peel it back over and over again)

Toddler Airplane Activities

Air-Travel: Toddler Snacks & other Tips


Tackle box filled with colorful snacks

Any snack child normally doesn’t get

Fruit snacks


Snack pouches to suck on for take off/landing

Cheerios Necklace

Other tips:

Gate check car seat and stroller (check when you get them back because they can break)

Baby wear in airport

Nurse at take off/landing or Bottle/Sippy Cup

Netflix & Amazon Prime allows for you to download episodes & movies to phone/tablet to use without wifi

Hide favorite toys weeks in advance so they’re “new again”

Purchase most things at Dollar Store

Don’t let him see snacks & toys until on the plane

Less is best

Pull out new toy or snack every 20-30 min or when he’s bored

Don’t board the plane first; wait until last minute to get on

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