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Baby Must Haves: the first 6 months

Baby Must Haves: the first 6 months

Baby Must Haves

Now that I have a 7 month old, who for the first few 3 months was colicky and needed a lot of help soothing and then suddenly became this awesome, fun, chill baby… I feel confident sharing with you the items we reach(ed) for daily! Most of these items grow with baby, as in..we still use them ALL the time.

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1. Velcro swaddle and/or Arms up Swaddle: We used and love both. The Arms up was perfect for transitioning out of a swaddle.

2. Sound Machine: This tiny but might one is a MUST. We have two of them.

3. DockaTot or Snuggle Me Organic: We used our Dock until about 4 months until naps began in the crib.

4. Generic Swing: We have THIS ONE and love it, especially for baby during mamas shower, cook, clean time.

5. Play Mat: Perfect for Tummy time & sensory play.

6. Boppy: Used this during labor, through newborn phase and now at 7 months still using it to put around Dom when he’s sitting up to protect from a hard fall.

7. Zip-up Pajamas: Seriously. MUST HAVE….The last thing you want to do is mess with buttons during the 4th poop of the night at 2 AM.

8. Nail Clippers: Baby nails grow like weeds, why is that?

9. Pack N Play: Many swear by this for sleep, we personally didn’t use it. But it is great for babies with acid reflux.

10. Baby Monitor: A non-wifi one is my personal choice because you don’t have to worry about losing connection and hackers. We just have this CHEAP ONE.

11. The happiest baby on the block: This book truly helped me understand the newborn, their needs and how to TRULY give them what they need.

12. Pacifier: Not all babies take one. But the evidence that it prevents SIDS won me over. Dom loves his to all asleep. It’s a great soother.

13. High chair: This one is MUST. It grows with the baby. Can be used a raises bouncer, pulls up to the table…or wherever mama is. Its perfect for BLW babies.

14. Jumper/activity center: We have this one and it is probably in our top 3 favorite baby gadgets for Dom. He loves it.

15. Sleep sack: To keep the little babe nice and warm without worrying about suffocation! Its basically a zip on blanket.

16. Sit-up Bath (3 in 1): This grows with baby and once they can sit up they will LOVE this. Dom loves to sit and splash.

17. Humidifier: An absolute must, TRUST ME. Ours is always running. It helps their little lungs and noses when sick and also helps keep that air nice and moist to prevent breathing issues.


Feeding cellphone app

The Wonder Weeks book/app

IF BF: Baby Buddha, READ HERE why, I swear by this pump and will forever recommend it. Also you can use BALKANINA20 for 20% off.

The most important thing you need is…YOU. Know you’re doing amazing and give yourself grace mama!

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