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Half way there: 20 week bump talk!

Half way there: 20 week bump talk!

I told myself I would monitor my pregnancy progress week by week and then weeks got away from me and it only happened every 2-3 weeks, but now that the bump is rapidly growing, baby is doubling in size and kicking away I thought why not share some of the things I have been feeling, doing, using and learning so far! 

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How's Mama? 

When they say the second trimester is the best of them all, THEY are correct! After a very sluggish and tough first 2-3 months, it's like a light switch is flipped and your energy is back, you feel human again and food sounds delicious! 

Mood // Energy

"Hormotions" are real. Majority of the time I feel totally fine and think I have a grip on my emotions but once the can of worms is opened I feel like I have lost all control. Anger, sadness, and frustration seem to be EXTRA strong when they arise. Although I feel super lucky and have had my emotions in check 99% of the time, my husband will tell you that he has to be a little bit more sensitive with his tone, especially in a disagreement. My co-workers may tell you that my patience can run thin sometimes, those awesome people spend 40-50 hours a week with me! But overall, I feel very happy and excited for everything that is coming!  

My energy is GREAT compared to first semester. The lack of massive amounts of caffeine totally sucks but I do allow myself close to 200mg of caffeine a day which totally helps. My energy wears off in the later afternoon and I am ready for bed by 6 PM and not to mention, I am totally exhausted after a long work week. I am trying to use this energy to get as much done around the house as possible!!! 

Body Changes 

One of the best tips that I got (and can give) is to take care of my body; by that I mean my skin, my hair, and most importantly staying active! I have been using the Earth Mama Organics line which includes natural deodorants, belly/body oils and teas to help my skin and body during these dramatic changes. I care for my face with gentle products such as Mary Kay and the Fresh line from Sephora. LUCKILY my skin has been amazing this pregnancy -- THEY say BOYS do that to their mamas.

For someone who has always had to work hard to keep my body fit and healthy and someone who wasn't blessed with natural skinniness it can definitely weigh heavy on me emotionally to watch the scale go up and my body expand. Although, I know this is normal and natural but it doesn't mean I should lie to you about how woman can truly feel during this time. It's not easy having all eyes on you at all times looking for weight gain, a belly and whatever else they may be looking for. Working out has been definitely been a lot harder during pregnancy and no excuses at all but I would say winter/freezing temperatures DO NOT help! -- working on being better at this, will reports back. HA!

Maternity Fashion 

The truth is, unless you're perfectly tiny and have the world's most perfect round bump, shopping for clothes when pregnant kind of sucks. First of all, your hips widen, your breasts are just out of control and you feel bloated kind of all the time. 

I'll just go ahead and link some of the essentials I have purchased this pregnancy that serve the purpose just fine!

NEWBIE TIP: Make sure to get the size you would wear when NOT pregnant! 

21 week photo shoot in our little nugget's nursery... in my FAVORITE maternity jeans from Pink Blush! 

Places I find to have an amazing & reasonably priced  selection for Maternity Fashion selection: Old Navy, Target, ASOS, Pink Blush

Highlights of week 20 

1. Feeling baby kick A LOT more!

2. Bump is coming in, starting to look pregnant.

3. Anatomy Scan - although we have to go back since babe didn't cooperate!


5. Baby Statistics: Weight 11 oz, 6.5 inches long (large banana). 

Baby Cav is a handsome little boy; we hosted a small party for friends and family where we all found out together what the sex of the nugget is. It was such an amazing moment <3




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