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DIY Wood Canvas Frame: In 20 minutes

DIY Wood Canvas Frame: In 20 minutes

After our wedding our photographer Abbots Lane Photography gifted us a beautiful canvas and when we brought it home I knew I wanted to make it fit right into our home. I always thought canvases were more of a modern look so adding a wood frame was my immediate go to which would give our canvas a rustic, warm and textured feel --which would be perfect of our home. Hubby and I went to Home Depot, picked up a few small things and our canvas was framed in less than 20 minutes! Follow along to learn how. 

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DIY: Framing a canvas
  • Supply List

  • +Canvas photo of your choice
  • +Wood Strips of your choice (You can find varies sizes but THIS is the one we recommend)
  • +Sand Paper (120 grit should be good)
  • +Disposable Foam Sponge
  • +Stain of your choice (We used Early American by MinWax
  • +Nails & Hammer OR Nail Gun (way easier/faster)


1. Measure your canvas and cut your wood strips (or have them cut at Home Depot). If you have a hand saw at home you're better off doing this at home to get your measurements just right!

----> Cut the strips that will be on the longer side of the canvas exactly the length of the canvas and cut the other two sides longer than the canvas to match up with the addition of the strips you previously cut. (PICTURED ABOVE -- notice one side hangs over as the other does not, they should match up when you put them together) 

2. Sand and Stain once your strips are measured and cut.

3. Connect 3 of the strips with a nail gun. (Separately from the canvas, this way you will avoid putting too many holes in the canvas. The idea is to make a tight frame around the canvas so you can take it on and off if you ever want to change it up. If you decide you want it this way forever, just nail it straight to the canvas, but you risk ruining the photo). 

4. Place the 75% put together frame around the canvas and tightly hold and nail the last piece around the canvas. (OPTIONAL: Add 1-2 nails to 1-22 sides of the canvas for better securement, we did do this).

5. Hang your new masterpiece! 

I really hope you take a go at this because it is SO quick and easy and most importantly, it adds so much personality to a simple space. Tag me in your photos if you try it out! 

Thanks to my awesome hubby for demonstrating and modeling for me ;) 

DIY Wood Canvas Frame
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